Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: 2 Weeks of Morning Yoga Practice

Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: 2 Weeks of Morning Yoga Practice

Ah, mornings… the rising sun, the birds singing, the rooster in my neighbor’s yard announcing the new day (in the country at least haha!) and so much more! 

They’re like open doors to a fresh new start! Each new day is a magical adventure and opportunity to create something amazing!

Sounds nice, right? …Maybe a little too nice?

Are mornings for you a little challenging?

Groaning when your alarm goes off as you snuggle deeper into the invitingly warm covers – desperately hitting the snooze button (at least three times) before deciding with a sigh okay, I’d better get up.

Does this sound similar to what your mornings are like?

Well guess what, my friend, I myself have been there. I had such a habit of hitting that snooze button and rolling over in the comfort of my blankets – attempting to catch a few more z’s. All the while, mentally preparing myself for the day ahead. 

And after so many years of this, I realized that this habit wasn’t something I wanted to continue. I wanted to feel so excited to get up in the morning! They way I felt on a holiday morning like Christmas or Easter during my childhood! Or even the morning of a fun family vacation! 

What ever happened to the excitement of waking up for the day? The feeling was magical!

To bring this sense of magic back into my day, I decided back in 2015 to change my tune and put a little love in my heart with yoga. During this time, I discovered a great love for the practice and learned that it could help me in so many ways! 

And that it did. When practicing morning yoga, I felt so good and was ready for the day at my job! A simple practice that made the world of difference in my day! Plus, I began to not need an alarm to wake me up on time in the mornings- I naturally woke up when I needed to!

Whether it’s getting up for morning class or job, helping your kids get ready for school or simply getting up to do the projects around the house you promised yourself you’d get done… you too can experience the gifts that mornings truly can be!

Today, I have set a new challenge to better help my connection with myself and the world around me – setting a mindful tone to each new day.

The challenge…two weeks of morning yoga practice from the guidance of Yoga With Adriene’s morning yoga videos and noticing how I feel with each practice.

My intention is to strengthen my in-tune connection with my mind, body, and spirit by consecutively participating in morning yoga practices for just 14 days!

Join me in this two week exploration and re-connection while I practice creating an amazing day, everyday, while participating in morning yoga!

The question is: am I ready for this?

Answer: I was born ready!

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth….

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