Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 7

Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 7

Ah mornings in the country… crystal-clear blue skies where you can see forever, birds and rooster performing a serenade. The light rhythm in their tune announcing that a new day has come. Within this day, infinite possibilities abound! What a beautiful way to bat the eyelashes open and begin the day! 

Feeling inspired and energized, I rolled out my yoga mat and hopped on. As I did, my little miss demonstrated her own yoga stretches next to me (the cutie!).

Starting on all fours in cat-cow, I synchronized my movement to the rhythm of my breath. After a few cycles, I arrived in stillness with table-top position (Bharmanasana). Bumping my hips to the left and turning to look past my right shoulder in a side stretch for some yummy cycles of breaths – doing the same on the opposite side.

Arriving back in center, I mindfully floated my way to puppy posture – opening my heart, waking up my shoulders, and massaging my brow chakra (all the better to see with clarity!). Once again in table-top, I rooted my hands to the Earth, curled my toes under with my inhale and allowed my hips to lead me into downward dog with my exhale. 

Here, I pedaled it out, waking up my hamstrings and ankles. Feeling inspired to play this morning, I gently traced circles with my torso – channeling my inner hula dancer! Embracing the silliness with a smile, I released anything that no longer served me through laughter. 

willow that grow along the river

In rag-doll style, I walked my feet up to meet my hands in forward fold. Shaking my head loose and relaxing my shoulders, I Iet everything go with every breath cycle – swaying my arms like a willow tree dancing in the gentle breeze. 

Feeling good with that release, I gently rolled up to mountain pose (Tadasana) – envisioning and giving gratitude to each part of my back for its support. Arriving in mountain, I took the liberty to roll my shoulders forward and then backwards to the rhythm of my deepening breath. Gliding my hands to reach the sky with my inhale, I felt the opposition of grounding in the back body while lifting in the front body for a beautiful stretch.

Floating my arms behind me, I interlocked my fingers, and drew them down to the Earth – lifting my heart to the sky. Inhaling lots of love in and with my exhale, I gently released my hands to give myself a nice big hug – using my fingertips to gently massage my upper back (hugs and self-love for everyone!). In a final deep breath in with lots of love, I exhaled into my mountain pose.

What a marvelous way to greet the new day! As I write this, I can just feel the infinite possibilities in store today! For example, I can tend to projects for my home, go on an adventure with my fur baby, and so many other good things that I haven’t even thought of yet just may surprise me on this beautiful day!

I’m in awe of the difference a day makes as well as the importance in making time for and tending to yourself! It’s incredible to me how big an impact can be made with just one small moment of tuning in. A perfect example of how a little goes a long way.

In gratitude and love, dear friends, I bid you a beautiful day! Namaste.

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