Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 8

Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 8

Have you ever noticed how the number eight looks like a vertical infinity sign? A continuous line that has no beginning and no end, but is simply… present.

Present in each continuous moment of the now that we experience. 

This morning I awoke in the bliss of the now moment. It was time to be in the here and now to check-in as per the messages I was receiving from my body. Feeling a slight tightness and discomfort in my belly, I decided to tend to this specific area as I woke up for the day. 

As all things are connected within and outside of the body, I knew that this specifically directed act of self-love would also impact me in infinite ways. With grace, gratitude, and love, I mindfully rolled out my yoga mat. Finding myself a nice comfortable seat, I pushed play on the guided video. 

In my cross-legged (sukhasana) seat, I took four cycles of deep belly-breaths and woke up my body with an upright variation of cat-cow. Bringing my hands to my knees, I began moving in slow circles with my inhale and rounding through with my exhale. Coming forward and drawing circles with my torso one way and then the other for three cycles of breaths per side. 

Bringing my hands to my heart with my inhale, I bowed my head to my hands in an exhale. Keeping my belly soft and moving with my breath for gentle side-body stretches to the right as well as to the left. Directing my breath to my belly with lots of love and gently twisting to my right on an exhale. Repeating this once more before bringing myself back to center and giving some love with the same movements for my left side.

Back in center, I followed the guidance of the video by drawing another round of circles with my torso. However, this time with a deeper breath and a faster pace. Through the movements and listening to the commentary in the video, I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. 

As they say… laughter is the best medicine. I do agree wholeheartedly that laughter helps move and shift stagnant energy. Plus, on a deeper level, as we laugh we are creating endorphins that communicate throughout our bodies the feeling of joy – where we often can’t help but smile. As we smile, we create the space to receive all things beautiful for our highest goods. 

I had a strong feeling that stagnant energy was what I was experiencing in my abdomen.

After reversing my circle, I brought my torso back to center and into alignment once again for an easy twist to the right. Allowing my front body and belly to soften with my inhale and gently twisting a bit further with my exhale. And.. as we do on one side in yoga, we do for the other helping to create balance within.

Returning to center, I brought my palms together for a breath cycle and on my exhale, I bowed my head to my heart in gratitude. Making my way to lay on my back, I felt my lower back singing to me that it was alive, doing well, and most of all… certainly awake! 

Cue the opening to the infamous James Brown song… wow, I feel good!

Feeling so good with the support of the Earth, I snuggled my shoulder blades under my heart space and hugged both knees to my chest for a nice yummy breath in. On an exhale, I planted both feet to the Earth and extended my left leg out long – keeping both feet flexed. Breathing in, I hugged my right knee to my chest and let out anything that no longer served me with a smile. 

Taking another cycle of breath, I took the liberty with my exhale to peel my nose up to meet my right knee for a few breath cycles. Releasing everything on my right side, I hugged my left knee to my chest and created balance on my left side as well. Oddly enough, this felt so nice… and my belly began feeling much lighter!

With both feet planted on the Earth, I rested my hands gently on my belly. Walking my feet as wide as the mat and bringing my knees to touch, I welcomed lots of love in and sent it to where it was needed. On my next exhale, I brought my knees back to my chest for a nice hug (aww!).

Allowing gravity to gently bring my knees to the Earth on the left, I rested my right ear to the Earth and extended my arms to meet in the pose of cactus arms for a few cycles of yummy breaths. With lots of love in, I extended lots of love out as I took it over to the opposite side.

Back to center I went and hugged my right knee to my chest with my left leg extended. After doing the same for the opposite side, I brought both knees in for a hug and released everything into corpse pose. Breathing lots of love in with a smile and lots of love out. I brought my hands together, thumbs kissing my third eye in gratitude to say namaste.

After my practice I spent some time tuning in with the help of energy work. I learned that what I was experiencing in my abdomen was actually from a deeply buried fear of not being good enough. I’m so grateful that I was able to release this energetic tie. 

I’m sure at one time or another we’ve all felt this to some degree. Through being told to us or having an experience that implied this belief or thought. The truth of the matter is that we already are good enough to receive all of the amazing things we create in life. 

This is because we were born good enough. 

Continuing on my path in the present moment, I find myself in such awe with what unfolds as I follow my heart and discover my purpose in this beautiful dance of life. We are all here on this Earth for a reason and I know that each and every one of us is amazing!  We all have something special to give to our community as well as the world. 

Be it as simple as being ourselves, sending a friendly smile to someone, participating in a random act of kindness or paying it forward to another person in need. Every little bit can make a huge difference in our days! 

A single drop in the ocean creates a ripple effect that infinitely extends and influences all around it. Each drop is incredibly important as well as needed. 

I’m so glad we’re here together! 

In gratitude and love, dear friends, I bid you a beautiful day. Until next time, peace be with you. 

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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