Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 9

Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 9

woman in blue dress standing on green grass field

From time to time I wake up to songs that flow into my mind. I feel this is the universe’s adorably fun way to help me bat my eyelashes open and begin the day. As I woke this morning, the song Sway by Michael Bublé danced through my mind. 

Feeling grateful, inspired and peaceful, I got up with a smile and danced into the morning.

In this rhythm, I rolled out my yoga mat and stepped aboard bringing myself into a kneeling position. Bringing my hands to my heart in gratitude I took a yummy cycle of breath. I reached my hands high to the sky for a beautiful front and side body stretch.

Melted my heart forward, my arms extended into puppy posture swaying from side to side. Kissing my left shoulder to the mat and then swaying to the other side kissing my right shoulder to the mat in a gentle teeter-totter fashion. Bringing forth new rhythm and movement to wake up my body on this fine day.

Back on all fours, I made my way into extended cat-cow. Synchronizing movements to my breath, moving forward and back in a gentle circle – waking up my wrists, ankles, and everything in between.

After a breath cycle in table-top, I curled my toes under and lifted my hips into downward dog. Pedaling out my legs and kindly waking them up for the day, I gently reached my heels another inch closer in effort to touch the Earth. 

In down dog, I focused on breathing lots of love in and breathing lots of love out into the community. Feeling satisfied, I walked my feet up to the middle of the mat and walked my hands back to meet them for a nice forward fold. Letting what I didn’t need go as I melted my heart, relaxing into the fold. 

wildlife photography of elephant during golden hour

I felt inspired to take some time to play in this practice. Swaying my arms side to side as if they were the trunk of a happy elephant dancing to the rhythm of its homeland.

Feeling a bit goofy, I brought grounding energy up through my feet and began rolling up into mountain pose with a smile. Taking the liberty to draw circles with my nose one way and then the other to give love to my neck- a lovely extension of my back. 

Giving gratitude to the very area that houses my vocal cords and supports my voice as I speak my truth – creating magic each day with compassion and love.

In gratitude and love, dear friends, I send you all virtual hugs. Namaste and peace be with you.

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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