Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 10

Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 10

Waking up with the rising sun was a beautiful gift that I experienced this morning. Observing from my deck the sun peaking above the mountain tops and stretching to shower its rays upon the community.

A majestic sight as well as a gift to be an active participant in greeting the brand new day!

In gratitude, I rolled out my mat for a quick and easy practice to wake up the body.

Beginning in a comfortable seat, I brought my palms together at my heart center. Bowing my head to my heart in gratitude for a few cycles of breath. Feeling the stretch in the back of my neck, I imagined a little door opening to let any tension and anything else I picked up in dreamland that didn’t support me just trickle on out into the light. 

Batting my eyelashes open and bringing everything back to center, I began drawing circles with my nose one way and then the other with the ebb and flow of my breath. Gently reminding myself to relax my jaw as I did so. Aww yes!

Feeling good in the neighborhood, I extended my right leg out for head-to-knee pose (Janu Sirsasana). Keeping my feet bright and active, I found opposition by grounding my legs down to the Earth while lifting my arms and front body to reach for the sky.

Reaching as far as I could, I gently guided my torso into my twist to the right and gracefully folded over my right leg. Right hand to my shin, left hand to my thigh and bowing my head into the fold. After a few breath cycles, I gently released and brought everything over to my other side. 

To be quite honest, I’m still working with my body to meet head-to-knee with a flat back. However, with a little patience in each practice I know I’ll get there!

Next, I brought both feet to kiss together in cobblers pose. Taking the opportunity to massage the soles of my feet and working my way to my ankles. With my happy feet, I bowed my head to my heart and gently reached my torso as close as I could towards my feet. Breathing lots of love in and lots of love out.

Once again in my comfortable seat, I brought my thumbs to reach my third eye and bowed head to heart. Whispering with all my heart…namaste

As I sit in the now moment, I’m in awe. In awe from watching the sun grace us with its presence, my yoga practice, and listening to the song of my neighbor’s rooster on this beautiful morning. Realizing that it truly is the simple things that make all the difference! 

Just the fact that the sun rises, giving us warmth and light! To me this is such a gift that makes the world of difference in our lives! 

Although at times we may get caught up in our daily routines and take this aspect for granted, I feel humbled to be reminded of this perspective.

May the sun inspire you to shine your light – bright and brilliant as you are! May you also feel comfort and peace wherever you may be on this day!

Until next time, dear friends, peace be with you.

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