Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 11

Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 11

You know those times when the unexpected happens and you’re utterly blown away by it? This very event came about for me yesterday.

I discovered that I had a leak in my water pressure valve that’s connected to the water shut off valve in my home. It turns out that it had flooded part of my basement and unbeknownst to me, the water made it under the carpet of a connecting room.

After replacing the pressure valve, the plumber and I ripped up the carpet to help it dry and reduce the growth of mold. 

The plumber kindly volunteered to bring some large air fans the next day to help dry it out. We also discovered another area of plumbing near my laundry room had a leak that was coming from the bathroom upstairs. 

Ah, the joys of owning an older home…

It’s a good thing I still have my home warranty – and some good mold remover!

While this definitely came as a surprise, I had a feeling that all would be okay. Also that I would have support and help as needed along the way.

So as they say: 

“when life gives you lemons…make lemonade”

I felt like this would be an opportunity for me to further create the space in my home that felt true to me. Bringing in the new with open arms and saying “ta ta” to the old!

While I’ve chosen this perspective, a small part of me still felt the stress that comes with getting it all scheduled and the details squared away. And as the waves of slumber melted away this morning, thoughts of my home plumbing danced through my mind accompanied by the small knots I began to feel in my shoulders. 

I understand that it’s only human to feel the stress of any unexpected situation and I have patience with myself as I trust my inner guidance. I can do this by flowing with the energy through being in the present moment and giving gratitude which can help things be smooth sailing. 

I feel this is akin to a version of the phrase: “may we exist like the lotus at ease in muddy water”.

To further help me be in this space being present and flow with the energy, I chose to utilize the medicine of movement through my yoga practice this morning.

A little self care goes a long way!

Beginning in childs pose, I took a moment to relax my shoulder and close my eyes as I listened to the sound of my breath. Softening through my jaw and gently rocking back and forth massaging by brow bone while making my inhale and exhale a bit longer.

Slowly reaching my fingers to the front edge of my mat, with a breath in I began to roll up through my torso – mindfully aligning head over heart and heart over pelvis. Reaching my hands out in front of me with my heart lifted, I circled my arms around back to hug myself. Aww!

Releasing my arms and reaching forward again for a breath cycle, I circled them back to hug myself with my opposite arm on top. Gently massaging the upper back body with my fingers, maintaining an energetic lift through the spine, and releasing on my next exhale.

Moving to all fours with my knees as wide as the mat, I reached forward with my right hand – maintaining length. Threading the needle under the bridge of my left arm while resting my right ear on the Earth. 

Opening my chest towards the sky as well as letting both legs and feet be heavy. On my next breath out, I unravelled to make my way back to center and do the same for the other side.

In the nice comfortable seat of sukhasana, I gently brought my right fingers to my neck and consciously worked with my breath. Massaging the left side of my neck down to my shoulders, I breathed in love to where I felt stress knots. Feeling the tight muscles loosen, I gave some love to the other side.

Bringing one foot in front of the other, I gently began kneading the arch with my thumbs and worked my way to the ankle (I’ll take a foot massage any day!).

Here, I mindfully worked with my breath to tune in, ground in the legs as well as soften my jaw. Feeling satisfied, I switched it on over to my other side.

Feeling good, I brought my knees up to the sky and extended my right leg out. Grabbing my left foot with my right hand, I leaned back on my left hip to gently rock side to side with the support of my left forearm on the Earth.

With this movement, I made sure to not collapse on my left shoulder by spiraling my heart to the sky and maintaining a lift in my torso. Giving some love to muscles I forgot that I had!

After switching to my other side, I brought everything back to center, and came into sukhasana with the opposite leg in front of the other. Bringing my palms together with hands meeting at the heart, I invited a deep belly breath in, and lifted my sternum to my thumbs.

Bowing my head to heart on an exhale, I whispered…namaste.

photo of sailboat on sea during daytime

Batting my eyelashes open, I felt the difference within my body. I felt so much lighter, at peace, and I knew that I was ready to flow with the day. Inviting the gifts, magic, and miracles that each day brings with a smile.

My dear friends… I send so much gratitude, love, and virtual hugs to you. Bidding you an amazing day. 

Until we meet again… peace be with you.

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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