Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 13

Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 13

A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep“… is the message within a sweet Disney song. Dreams can be so magical and mysterious.

I feel that dreams can be metaphors brought forth to you by your heart, intuition, and subconscious mind. A clever message to get our attention and perhaps guide us in the direction needed.

This morning I awoke after having one of those dreams that really stuck out to me. The concept in the dream is something that I have been actively working on – pertaining to relationship dynamics. 

I feel that the message in this dream was to simply show me another layer that was coming up to be viewed.

I took the concept from my dream to the mat with my intention to transform it. The transformation from inspiration cultivated in my yoga practice – creating healthy relationships within and outside of my family.

In a nice power stance (channeling my inner Wonder Woman), I actively lifted through my front body and grounded through my back body with a smile.

Standing nice and tall, sending awareness to all areas within the body, I bent the elbows and reached towards the sky with my inhale. Then floating it all down and letting everything go that doesn’t serve me with my exhale. 

Repeating this motion twice more with the ebb and flow rhythm of my breath. Back in center, I checked in with my neck by nodding my head “yes” for a few breaths and “no” for a few more. 

Finding stillness once again, I brought my hands to my waistline and began looping my shoulders around and back with a few breath cycles- waking them up and opening my heart space.

I found opposition by grounding through the tailbone as well as all four corners of my feet while continuing to lift in my heart space and upper body – drawing the elbows back towards each other. 

Feeling my inner strength rise with every breath I took, I softly bent my knees, and followed my heart forward into a variation of forward fold.

Reaching my fingertips to touch the Earth, I turned my toes out and began to sway side-to-side in gorilla pose (padahastasana). 

Staying strong in the legs and waking up all the muscles from my feet to my head with every breath I took. Feeling playful, I evolved my sway into drawing figure eights with my fingertips while deepening my breath. 

Finding stillness back in center, I walked my feet together, softly bent my knees, and rolled it up into mountain pose. Feeling my feet connected on the Earth and bringing up her grounding energy with every inhale –  rising up strong.

Continuing to mindfully wake up through the hamstrings, I guided my fingertips of one hand to opposite toes together to touch. Building awareness and cultivating a little heat on both sides of the body for a few breath cycles. 

After evening out the motions, I brought the opposite elbow to opposite knee together to touch – moving to the steady rhythm of my breath. On my next exhale, releasing everything to open the palms and bring my feet together into mountain pose with my inhale. 

Inviting lots of love in with my breath, I brought my palms together at the heart, and bowed my head with my exhale. 

Whispering with so much love…namaste.

Feeling empowered to continue being myself in all areas of my life and dance to the beat of my own drum… I am ready for the gifts today brings! 

In gratitude and lots of love, dear friends, I tip my hat to you. 

Until next time… peace be with you.

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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