The Journey Within: A 3 Week Meditation Practice

The Journey Within: A 3 Week Meditation Practice

Hello everyone and Happy October! Can you believe it’s October already?!

From the first moment I noticed the change in the atmosphere back in late August, I knew autumn was right around the corner – peeking its cute little head out as a teaser before gracing us with its grand presence! 


Autumn has arrived in the country – and I’m loving it! The leaves on my new maple tree have been transforming into beautiful shades of yellows, oranges, reds and purples!

There’s magic in the air! And pumpkins! Lots of pumpkins (I myself bought three as part of my fall decor for my front porch!)! 

What a time to be alive!

I find it incredible how many things continue to change, evolve, and expand especially during short periods of time! 

As someone once said, “the only constant is change”. Cue the chorus to “Changes” by David Bowie!

So very true!

Plus, change is a good opportunity to flow with the highest frequency (or vibration) of energy and embrace the new which will serve us as we move forward! 

I must admit that this can be a challenge for me from time to time. However, I choose to have patience with myself and check in with my inner wisdom as I move forward.

And I must also extend a most Happy New Moon in Libra to you all! I just need to take a moment to express my love for the meaning behind both new and full moons. 

Full moons will highlight (with a super bright spotlight!) areas within our lives that may need to be looked at for improvement – many things tend to be heightened and intensified for this purpose. 

New moons are generally a time to set an intention for yourself once we have had the opportunity to see (with the spotlight from the full moon) what needed to be adjusted. 

I feel that this dynamic, which usually occurs on a monthly basis, is such a gift! 

And this time the new moon is in the astrological sign of Libra!

As I follow and study astrology, I understand that Libra is a sign that has air-like energy (following the Earth elements such as earth, water, fire, air, etc).

For example, those with strong Libra energy can spend a lot of time in the mind thinking, utilizing their intellect as well as creating infinite ideas (lots of love to my Libra friends and family out there!). 

Speaking of thinking and being in the mind (pun intended!), we are also experiencing the planet Mercury being in retrograde. In my understanding of this dynamic of Mercury being in retrograde is where Mercury, the messenger, slows down in its “spin-cycle”. 

This offers some time for us to observe our communication (both spoken and written). How we communicate within ourselves (thoughts and verbally) and conversing with others. 

While the common perspective over the years of Mercury being in retrograde is based out of caution and fear, I have discovered that this is a beautiful opportunity to practice going within and tuning into my heart for inner guidance.

A form of communication that is always good to practice!

This being said, I have recently received many messages (signs, if you will) from the universe that it would be wise for me to practice going within through meditation and connecting more deeply with my heart. 

I have made a commitment to myself that for 21 days (or 3 weeks), I will embark on a journey of regular meditation practice.

And I invite you to join me along on this journey within.

silhouette of man at daytime

The goal of meditation is to lower your brainwaves to a state where you are receptive to your own inner guidance.

In this state of being, you may also feel the immense connection that we all have with the world around us.

My goal: During 3 consecutive weeks, develop and maintain a stronger connection to myself as well as all things at a deeper level by relaxing the mind and letting go.

While I feel this may honestly be a challenge for me (so many years of practice with analyzing and developing “strong critical thinking skills” throughout my school days)… I accept this challenge. 

I have (as have we all) become very good at using our minds to analyze. I can also learn and master letting go of the thinking mind as well as internal chatter. Doing so by choosing to give it a small break to relax during these designated times I am carving out for myself. 

The mind has worked so hard over the years and I feel that it deserves it’s own “spa day” (as do we all!)! Inner peace for us all? Yes please!

So as they say: “onward and upward”! 

I look forward to this practice as well as sharing this experience with you all!

May you all have a beautiful day and a peaceful night! 

From my heart to yours… peace be with you! 

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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