The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 14

The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 14

The day began in such an air of mystery… literally. After getting out of bed this morning, it was like the setting you would see in film noir mystery outside! A lovely cloud had floated down into our humble neighborhood midst.. It was a lovely Kodak moment! I chose to capture the moment within my memory in place of taking a picture. 

With this experience this morning..I had a strong feeling that anything was (and is) possible.

And with that cosmic sense, I must express to you all a most happy full moon in Aries! What a magnificent day to have the spotlight show us with lots of passion what needs to be addressed! 

Speaking of which, in my brief meditation today I felt myself being drawn inward as a check in with my emotional and physical body. With an energetic scan, I felt the areas where my body highlighted to me what needed attention. All areas that felt light were of course in tip-top shape, while the areas that felt heavy needed some TLC – which was certainly received. 

I felt a bit of heaviness in my right ankle which relates to the ability and allowance of experiencing joy in life. I feel this was due to the layer and educated mindset of with all the work that needs to be accomplished… there’s no time for play. I have personally been working through layers pertaining to this concept for quite some time now and feel this was merely a little straggler that remained.

I realized that while I’ve been in the space of aligning myself one hundred percent with the experience I’m creating, the small layer (straggler) within my energy field needed to be cleaned up since it was throwing my alignment off.. just a tad. And I’m so grateful for the opportunity to check inward so that I could continue to create beautifully fun experiences.

I feel that as we create what we experience, having fun with what we do is important to continue being in the flow of creating the experience we want. Whether it’s cleaning up at our own homes or being an essential participant in the employment industry.. how we feel while we are participating in a task or action communicates with law of attraction. Which in turn continues to bring us what we’re primarily focusing on. 

In addition, I felt my throat center speak to me with an image and feeling of a bullfrog puffing up and deflating it’s cheeks.

This brought forth my inner smile (cue the opening to Joy to the World by Three Dog Night)!

To me, this clever image served as a reminder to incorporate deep belly-breathing throughout the day by imagining sending the incoming oxygen to the very base of my lungs. I got the sense that replacing the common practice of shallow breathing would help me feel centered as well as conscious of where my energy was throughout the day. 

I’m so grateful for the messages I received today by checking within! Highlighting a layer that was ready to be released (which I did with Reiki) as well as some helpful tips and benefits of how incorporating the practice of deep belly breathing throughout the day would serve me well! 

Until next time my friends…peace be with you.

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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