The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 15

The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 15

What an incredible day! The sun was out all bright eyed and bushy tailed, shining it’s gorgeous rays of light upon the Earth! The sky was so clear, you could see for days! And the Wasatch mountain beckoned me to come explore the forest! 

How could I resist experiencing the connection with Mother Earth? So my little sidekick, Stella, and I explored one of the state park hiking trails.

It was beyond gorgeous and just the breath of fresh air that was needed to take a little break from technology.

Feeling the need to recharge my batteries after our lovely hike, I found a comfortable spot at home and closed my eyes. I floated into this most serene space where I saw my name spelled out before me just as I heard a melody to a love song.

Then, I received an image of a little toddler taking wobbly steps into a loving embrace by her mother. With a smile born of gratitude and being so proud of her child, the mother rocked her baby girl from side to side. Her eyes closed as she savored this beautiful memory they were creating as well as the connection they were sharing.

At this moment I felt validation chills throughout my entire being. I was immersed in what both of them were feeling as well as just how much love they were sharing. The purest essence of love that absolutely exists in our humble world today! 

The purity of it was a bit overwhelming, yet so comforting. Bringing tears of gratitude that gently poured down my cheeks. My heart filled and glowed with so much gratitude, love, and joy! 

With the tears flowing from feeling so much gratitude, I was brought out of my meditation experience. An experience that I didn’t know that I needed until that very moment. And I’m so grateful that I did because oh my goodness my friends, it was so amazing! 

I felt so connected and it was also reassuring to know that we can all tap into this feeling because it’s within all of us – all the time! 

It was so lovely to cognize (or truly understand) that if at any time I ever needed to recharge and recenter myself, I could tap into this feeling through meditation!

Sending you so much gratitude and love, dear friends!

Until next time…peace be with you.

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