The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 16

The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 16

Happy Friday everyone (in the US and happy day to everyone outside the US!)! There’s a saying that I absolutely adore and have adopted into my world of vocabulary. It goes, “my favorite day of the week ends in the letter y

I feel like it honors and opens doors (and even windows) for amazing possibilities every single day of the week!

On this exquisite day, my eyes fluttered open from the depths of slumber to the sound of my neighbor’s dog greeting the morning. He may have heard, seen or could sense something by smell- like a deer afoot in the neighborhood. 

Anyway, there was something about the sound of the bark that had me in stitches! It made me laugh so much for no absolute reason that I could fathom! Even so, I welcomed with gratitude the goofiness of the moment!

When the barking ceased and giggles subsided, I felt it was a perfect moment to ground.

Taking a moment to close my eyes and invite a nice yummy breath filled with lots of love. I imagined the white light of energy in my heart space travel down my torso, legs, and feet. Continuing out my feet and transforming into roots as the energy blended with that of Mother Earth. 

As I sensed our energies dancing together, I felt centered and supported as my energy centers realigned.

I felt so much loving energy in my heart space!

Glowing as bright as the dazzling display of a full moon accompanied by the perfection of a starry night sky!

Feeling connected with Mother Earth as well as the brilliant cosmos, I felt it was the opportune moment to flutter my eyelashes open with gratitude to create my day.

And a spectacular day it has been, working on projects, connecting with Stella, and enjoying the gift of music!

May you all have a wonderful day, evening, and night filled with so much joy! I look forward to the beautiful connections the rest of the day as well as tomorrow brings!

Until next time, my friends, peace be with you.

Stay Tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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