The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 21

The Journey Within: A Meditation Practice Day 21

Imagine sitting on a Earthy ridge at the creek … feeling fresh air from the cool late-autumn breeze tickle your nose … mountain side across from you being reflected in an as above so below style on the water’s surface.

The rippling waves flowing with the breeze and lapping at the shoreline of pebbles and stones. 

This, my dear friends, is where I found myself taking a break today. It was a place in the countryside I hadn’t yet explored and am grateful that I adventured to this particular destination outside the town. 

So serene and peaceful…a perfect setting for going within through meditation!

I found a cozy spot and closed my eyes on the little nook between the trunk and root on the most magnificently grand tree on the shore. It reminded me of an illustration you would see in a Winnie the Pooh storybook. 

Allowing the tree to cradle and support me, we became one in the same – life filled with loving energy being connected to both Earth and sky above. 

I felt the contrast of the cool breeze and the warmth of the brilliant sun peeking out behind the clouds passing by overhead. Deepening my breath, I listened to the natural ambiance of the world around me. The vehicles on the nearby freeway (ah … nature at it’s finest!), the song of birds flying overhead, and the beat of the waves against the rocks as the tide reached the shore.

Melding into the serenade around me, my ears began to ring and I felt myself slip into the most beautiful state of balance and peace. Where everything felt just right and I knew that all is continuing to work out in the highest good of everyone. 

I felt the validation in my heart space as my heart shined in appreciation. Similar to the appreciation and relief of jumping into a cool body of water on a scorching summer day! 

Oh, yes please!

Basking in appreciation, I received intuitive inspiration of what actions I could take to better assist in improving what I had been experiencing for the past while. I felt so grateful for the clarity in understanding that there was something I could do to help everyone involved. 

Oh happy day celebrating good times!

I’m so grateful for my ongoing practice of meditation! My intention of this practice was to become more intune with my inner guidance and I most certainly have! 

I feel that I have developed a stronger understanding of how my inner wisdom communicates with me. In addition, I have been able to slow and cease the internal chatter within the mind while in meditation – which I’m incredibly thrilled about! 

I have found that meditation truly opens doors to your creative flow and can illuminate limitless possibilities that are for your highest good! Being in the receptive space called meditation, your inner wisdom is highlighted with such clarity! Helping you feel connected and supported with every step you take on your life’s path!

With what I experienced throughout my three week journey within of meditating, I must say that I most certainly will be continuing this practice! Even if it’s just fifteen or twenty minutes per day … a little goes a long way!

I’m so grateful you’ve been here with me on this incredible journey and I invite you to also give this practice a try as it may benefit you as well!

With much honor and love, I salute and send the warmest of hugs to you dear friends.

Until next time…peace be with you.

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