A Magical Message of Love

A Magical Message of Love

Good day and good evening to you all! And happy celebration day to everyone wherever you may be on the globe!

jack o lantern on a wooden bench

It’s Halloween to those celebrating in the United States!

It’s also the first day of Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead (celebrating life and our ancestors) in the Latin American culture!

Perhaps you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or simply celebrating this amazing day in general! Whatever the occasion, I honor and support you!

Since I woke up this morning, I knew today was special! I could feel the magic in the air! I knew that what I would be celebrating today was creativity (my cosmic-painted pumpkins displayed out on my porch!), love, and the magic in the world! 

Listening to my magic themed playlist this morning, I felt strongly guided to spend time in nature today! There’s something truly magical about being in nature and observing as well as honoring her rhythms!

Seeing the beauty and grace of all natural life as well as taking the time to channel your inner child and unleash your playfulness! 

Visiting a nearby creek, I took Stella for a walk along the shore. Somewhere along our stroll, I brought her longer leash out and played a bit of fetch with her. I could see the absolute joy in her face (especially her eyes) while we played!

It was precious and I’m grateful to have experienced that particular Kodak moment (I chose to take a mental picture)!

After building a stone balance-tower on the shore, I felt strongly to travel due east through the canyon in the Uinta National Forest to the nearby reservoir. And I’m so glad I did! The journey there was breath-taking! 

pine trees

All the evergreens…  deciduous trees… and open fields along the way! So gorgeous! 

Once we strolled along the shore a ways, I found a nice spot to find stillness. Taking in the feel of the breeze and it’s sound from the nearby trees… the sound of the gently rolling waves… majestic birds of flight gliding by overhead…the feel of the Earth beneath me… the warmth of the sun, and display of ever-changing shapes in the clouds rolling through. 

Being in this stillness (focused meditation), I felt in my heart the message of love from the natural world around me.

That we are

  • Perfect as we are in this moment 
  • Always connected to our true essence of being 
  • Dearly loved
    • Plus there is an abundance of support right here – ready for us to receive it 

Such a powerful message! 

Being in the space of receptivity, I felt all of this being validated in my heart space. Glowing brighter than a glow-in-the-dark wand! 

Feeling the change in the winds and the infinite love in my heart, I felt it was the perfect time to return home.

In gratitude we made our way back home to enjoy a beautiful dinner, answering the door to trick-or-treaters (bubble wands for all!), and enjoy a walk through the neighborhood. 

Stella wore her Mini Horse costume (a saddle with a cowboy rider attached to it) and I of course was the equine trainer with her on lead rope! It was very fitting for her as well as myself -plus we’re in the perfect community for her costume!

While on our walk, we spotted a family of deer ahead of us! A buck, a doe and little fawn taking a walk through the neighborhood. Such an adorable and relatable moment.

A moment of synchronicity seeing that beautiful family spending time together just as we (humans) are spending time together – out trick-or-treating or merely hanging out in general.

As with the wisdom of my animal speak book, the deer reminds us to be gentle with and honor ourselves as well as sharing that new adventures await us as we move forward! An incredibly simple, yet profoundly powerful message.

In my adventures today, I discovered that there is magic even in the most simple places and things in life (especially where joy and love is)!

May we take the opportunity to experience in the fun and create such amazing things with it!

As this day evolves into the next, may you find yourselves in a place of love, safety, and all the beautiful magic that is possible in life!

Until next time, dear friends, peace be with you.

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…  

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