Experiencing the Magic of the Winter Season

Experiencing the Magic of the Winter Season

Greetings to you all! It’s the winter holiday season in the U.S. and my, how this year has flown on by!

green pine leaves with brown rope

Also, I must express a Merry Christmas to those celebrating! If you’re celebrating something else today, I’m supporting you and wish you a beautiful day!

I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous day thus far and have been able to experience the magic of the season. 

I experienced a magical moment just last night, on Christmas Eve. A few days ago, I ordered my dog’s food online and it was expected to arrive this coming Tuesday.

Knowing that she would be out of her current food before then, I went to the store and bought some back up food items for her. This way she’d be fed and well nourished during the weekend and as we waited for her the arrival of her actual food. 

Well, much to my surprise, I get a notification from the delivery service on Friday (yesterday) saying the order was out for delivery. As it was Christmas Eve, I didn’t expect the delivery services to be out and operating due to the holiday. 

As if by magic (and the delivery person), it arrived on my porch! I truly felt the gratitude, love, and support within my entire being! 

It was a beautiful reminder for me to stay open and receptive to the magical gifts that the universe will synchronistically bring to you.

Like Aladdin having rubbed the magical lamp, making his wish and the genie saying, “your wish is my command!” 

We make our wishes (or set our intentions) every day. 

On some level when I first learned that the dog food wouldn’t be delivered until next week, I knew it would be okay. I remember thinking, “maybe it will arrive early” and then I focused my attention elsewhere.

Looking back now, I see this is how I helped myself be in that receptive space for miracles and magic to unfold (especially the simple ones!)! I’m so grateful to be an active participant in the creative process for both myself and others!

As I write this now, the sun has found its way out from behind the fluffy winter sky clouds, shining its light throughout the glistening snow-covered land on this beautiful day! 

atmosphere blue bright clouds

Such a metaphor for no matter what is going on, how things currently appear, or how challenging things may be.. behind the clouds is the sun and everything will be okay. 

So now Stella has her main food and also some additional snack items. This well-loved dog is happily, dare I say, enthusiastically, chewing on and enjoying her bone. I, myself, am taking a moment to simply be. Breathing in lots of love as well as sharing space in joy, empowerment, peace, and love.

Wherever you may be my friends, may you have an amazing day!

Until next time, peace be with you.

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