The Transformation of the Seasons

The Transformation of the Seasons

Happy March to you! It’s spring time in the Northern Hemisphere! Have you enjoyed the zen and stillness of winter? I sure did! And I must say that I’m so grateful to see the transformation from winter to spring here in the country! 

Feeling the warmth of the sun … gentle invigorating breeze … melting snow previously draping the grass … and all the new inspiration the new season brings! Seeing the animals emerging from their cozy winter dens, the birds (lots of robins & bluebirds) out singing in the wee hours right before dawn and throughout the day!

Ah, so peaceful…

Plus in Astrology, we recently had the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere (and Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere) where day and night are equal in length. This marks the arrival of the new season! And now the sun is in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac in Western Astrology, highlighting to many… new beginnings! Hooray!

I can feel it in the air! Can you? (cue the chorus to “Can You Feel It” by The Jackson 5!)

I recently felt this energy while spending time outdoors at Deer Creek, where I experienced an insight during an open-eyed meditation. I became entranced by the rhythmic tide as it reached the shoreline.

In this space, I received an awareness about the natural energetic flow of each season within the calendar year and how it’s seen all around us in nature as well as within ourselves. 

I also realized how each season highlights numerous opportunities to explore, play with and indulge your inner child throughout the year! A receptive space filled with inspiration where we can create more fun, joyful, peaceful, and loving experiences in our lives with ease!

I’d love to share with you how this awareness of energy and shift of perspective certainly helped me to embrace the fun and magic in life! It also helped me let go of the stress and old energy programs that really don’t serve my highest good – welcoming the joy and loving energies! Plus, how to remain centered with the shifting energies!

Perhaps this insight may inspire you as well! 

A Dash of the Seasons

close up of pink cherry blossom


Ah, spring … the energy of fresh starts, gentle colors, and renewals! Where the life force energy is building, emerging, and ramping up with fresh new growth and celebration! The sun is out longer warming the Earth during the day, the birds (small and large) dance in the sky having returned from their migrations, flowers are blooming, and the stage for creating and exploring (especially outside!) is set! 

Flowing with mother nature’s gifts of sun, rain, and wind are opportunities to indulge your inner child by riding your bicycles in the sun, singing in the light rain shower with your favorite umbrella (beautiful weather for ducks and aquatic animals) or simply flying a kite!

What a way to embrace and honor the present moment! 

Spring is also a beautiful time for letting go of what no longer serves us (often referred to as “spring cleaning”), embarking on new beginnings, and creating the inspired ideas we’ve received during winter! 

With all the momentum building and growth energies during spring, brings even more joy and celebration within summer!

sea horizon


Can you say…party time (or “yeehaw” in the country haha!)? 

The energy feels so colorful, exciting, playful & vibrant! The days are warm, if not hot! There are so many birds (from little sparrows to the majestic eagles), butterflies and dragonflies dancing within the sky! And you can see the most clever shapes in the clouds!

The trees are grand and magical with the most beautiful fresh smelling flowers, fruit, and leaves! Lakes, rivers, and streams are full of life as their current flows forward! At night, you can see forever in the spectacular cosmos! 

So much is happening in the summer with plenty of celebrations and opportunities to create outside – participating in activities or simply just BE-ing. Exploring the inspirational ideas and activities set in motion from the earlier seasons! 

Like climbing that mountain you’ve wanted to for the longest time, enjoying the treehouse or swing supported by the ginormous tree, cooling off in the water (lake, pool, ocean, etc) or with a tasty iced drink (love me some smoothies!), vacations, BBQs with loved ones, stargazing, and more! 

What a time to be alive! Celebrating as we create good times and the best memories to bring with us as we somersault into the next season!

red leaf trees near the road


One of my favorite times of year is fall! The energy is cozy, fun, magical, and peaceful as it evolves into an easy flow! To me, this time of year feels like coming home. Plus, my birthday month is in the fall – double bonus (haha)! 

There are so many warm colors filled within this season! As the trees release and let go of their colorful leaves, we have another opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us as well. This can range from the items in our homes to perceptions and old programs.

The energy of fall supports a time to begin returning to the hearth with all the harvest that we’ve cultivated, grown, and nurtured throughout the year! 

I just love walking through the forest trails and catching the cinnamon-filled aroma: a gift from the trees after a light sprinkle rain. There are so many celebrations and opportunities to create and experience during this time as well!

Including festivals filled with hayrides, corn mazes, decorating pumpkins or jack’ o lanterns, sharing yummy treats and gratitude with loved ones, unleashing your creativity in celebrating holidays of Halloween, Día de los Muertos and more! 

What a beautiful and cozy space to be in as we flow with the magical transformation of winter! 

close up photography of snowflake


In this beautiful wonderland, we experience the magic of stillness in winter. Winter time brings us back full circle as the energy completes its cycle. Here, the energy is calm and rejuvenating. Allowing the space for revitalizing and re-centering ourselves at the hearth as well as returning to our hearts. 

A frosted blanket of snow covers the lush wild grasses, many wild birds have migrated for the winter and the tops of lakes and rivers transform into an avenue of ice. 

If you listen closely, you can hear the ice sing! It’s so beautifully mystical!

I find myself fascinated with the snow crystals. As each glistening snowflake is a creation of water that’s uniquely expressed, it mirrors to us the oneness within ourselves as well as the collective community. 

While a brisk chill fills the air, there are fun outdoor activities to explore and enjoy with our inner child, including ice skating, building a snowman or fort, skiing, creating a snow fairy or snow angel, sledding, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, enjoying hot cocoa with loved ones, sleigh rides, and more! 

Spending time in stillness this season also provides the opportunity to nurture ourselves and reflect on our direction for celebrating the new year. The highlighted energy helps us take the needed time to cultivate and re-establish our creative flow so we may move forward! 

In addition to the energetic flow of the seasons, we also have the cosmic energies to help assist us throughout the year!

A Sprinkle Of Astrology

night view of sky

Supplementing the energetic seasonal cycles on Earth, we also experience the energies from the cosmic skies in astrology (planets, moon & other aspects). All working together to help us both individually and collectively in our growth and expansion on the planet.

In the northern hemisphere, we have the Equinoxes in Spring (March 20th or 21st) and Fall (commonly on September 22nd) marking the “official” arrival of the new seasons! We also have the both Summer (June 21st) and Winter Solstice (December 21st) energies highlighting the season shift as well. 

The Zodiac calendar year begins in Aries (towards the end of March and beginning of April), the first Zodiac sign of Western Astrology. A fiery sign filled with inspiration, motivation, and more to help kick-off new beginnings! In this zodiac, the energy flows forward to the cycled signs of Fire, Earth, Air and Water within the zodiac wheel. 

In addition to the zodiac, we receive from time to time, waves and portals of energy as gifts from the cosmos to the Earth to help enhance our collective and individual growths. This is common on double digit days (i.e. 2/2/2022). And let me tell you, I certainly felt it on 2/22/2022! Did you?

As we have forward moving help from both our Earth and cosmic energies, those who are energetically sensitive (similar to myself) may often need to ground and re-center regularly. 

With the help from tools both outside and within ourselves, we can ground as we continue to navigate those frequencies. Bringing them into our beings and our worlds flowing with ease and grace. 

white petaled flowers

Connecting with our Earth

One of the best, easy and effective ways that I’ve learned to navigate these energies is by grounding. And there are so many ways that you can ground and recenter yourself. Including working with crystals, deep breathing, using essential oils, meditation and yoga!


There are quite a few crystals that have great grounding properties. A few that I personally enjoy working with are Hematite, Labradorite, and Black Tourmaline! 

  • Hematite helps ground you by connecting with your vascular system!
  • Labradorite can simultaneously connect and ground you to the Earth as well as the cosmos! 
  • Black Tourmaline has many beautiful uses, including cleansing and purification of your energy field! An additional quality includes grounding. Acting as a transmuter, it purifies heavy and negative energies to regain stability.

Plus you can work with crystals that have the same color of your chakras and help align them! Simply remember the colors of the rainbow and Roy G. Biv! Yay for Elementary school remembrances haha!

Deep Breathing

By using the technique of deep breathing, you create brain and heart coherence helping you to feel centered and more in tune with your intuition and creative flow! 

With my intention, I find it is also helpful to send love and gratitude to my lungs on the inhale and breathe out lots of love and gratitude with my exhale. To me, this intention enhances my experience and practice of re-centering.

Every little bit helps! 

Essential Oils

While there are many essential oils that can be used for grounding, I like to use Lavender and Frankincense Oils as needed. 

  • Lavender oil is naturally calming and relaxing which helps enhance your breath rate to slow and your brain and heart to connect with ease!
  • Frankincense oil is helpful for clearing and purification. It also has additional uses for your overall health and well being!

Grounding Meditations 

I work with meditation to ground when needed and I’m so grateful that there are a variety of ways you can ground and recenter! 

You can do so by a traditional eyes closed meditation (helpful for bringing your focus within) as you visualize your energy traveling into the ground and connecting with Mother Earth’s. 

You can also ground with an open-eyed meditation (eyelids halfway open) where your focus and gaze is on one specific elemental object (like a flame on a candlewick, waves in the tide, swaying tree branches, etc.). This helps slow your brain waves into a receptive theta state where you can receive intuition and inner guidance with ease!


Yoga is a beautiful and enjoyable way to help physically work with your mind, body, and spirit to reconnect your energy! I often follow this Yoga With Adriene grounding video which helps me find my way back to centeredness in a fun and goofy way! 

I’m so grateful for the awareness I received during my own meditation, bringing me to the understanding that anything that you want to create in life is possible

From my experiences in healing, I’ve learned that with intention, you can align yourself on all levels with anything you want to create – especially experiences that are fun and joyful! 

And no matter where you are in life, you have the power to choose what energies you want to bring more of into your world! This is so empowering to me! 

Plus with the law of attraction, I understand that with any experiences that are viewed as negative, there are always positive solutions to them. And we have the power to create more joyful and loving experiences!

The first step is recognizing what doesn’t feel good and then aligning yourself with what does feel good!

I personally began with taking a step back, adjusting my perspective to see the bigger picture and everything changed in the most beautiful way! I could see the experience I was having and how to work through it with clarity! 

It was amazing, empowering, and I’m so grateful for the awareness!

I also extend my gratitude and honor to you. Wherever you may be, may you have joyful and loving experiences on this beautiful day, evening and night!

Until next time, dear friends, peace be with you!

Stay tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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