Today’s Magical Numbers – A Sprinkle of Numerology

Today’s Magical Numbers – A Sprinkle of Numerology

Hello and happy Wednesday (aka hump day)! Haha! I hope you all are having a lovely week so far and that all the fathers (and father figures) had an amazing Fathers Day this past Sunday! 

I recently had a beautiful opportunity to go within meditation where I received validating awareness. This awareness was about how important it is to create, be in and maintain balance in our lives.

And I feel like this gorgeous day today is a lovely gift highlighting this very concept! 

Speaking of which… what a beautiful day in the neighborhood it is! Not only is it Wednesday, but it’s a powerful numerological day!

It’s June 22, 2022 (6/22/2022)! 

So why is this double digit day today significant? I’m so glad you asked and I’m more than happy to share! I invite you on this inward journey through numerology, a new perspective of today’s numerological message and tuning into our hearts! 


What is Numerology?

As defined by the online Oxford dictionary, Numerology is “the branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers”.

So in a nutshell, it’s a deeper dive into the meaning behind numbers on an energetic level. Which honestly can be super fun and interesting to explore (for me anyway haha)! 

Cue the Indiana Jones theme song! 

Fun fact: The awareness and practice of numerology has been in society and several cultures for eons as our ancient ancestors had often understood and utilized the artful guidance of numerology according to their inner wisdom as well.

person drawing with sparkling light symbol of infinity

Connections In Numerology

Each number (and even each letter in the alphabet… more on that tale another time) is a symbol that is filled with an energetic vibration or frequency, especially when written down. 

Often the energetic vibration or frequency of certain numbers and number patterns can be a way for the universe (Creative Source, Spirit, etc.) to communicate with and provide guidance for us. 

Have you ever seen a certain pattern of numbers before? On the clock, on license plates, in books, in conversations, or elsewhere? This can be anything from 111, 11:11, 211, and more. 

I’ve personally seen the number patterns on clocks, license plates and also in conversations so far. If you’ve had these experiences or something similar, it could certainly indicate the universe is communicating, guiding and supporting you as well.  

yellow bokeh lights

And Today’s Magic Number Is…

What’s also fun about numerology is that you can discover the vibration of any certain day through adding the numbers of the date together. Understanding the vibration of the day can help bring an enhanced mindfulness for moving forward in the day and creating what you would like to experience!

For Example, today’s equation would go like this: 6+2+2+2+0+2+2, which right off the bat equals 16 (yay simple math! Haha!). If you add both the individual numbers in the number 16 (1+6), you’d get the number 7 – a number that often relates to divinity and connecting to your own divinity.

So today we have the energetic components of the number 6 (highlighting balance, harmony & love) and the number of 2 (highlighting duality and choice). Plus we have the vibration of the number 7. 

Taking a small step further, we also have this opportunity to mindfully connect with the beautifully supportive cosmic energies that are accompanying today’s overall energy – a gift to us by the universe! 

To me the energy of today highlights that we, as human beings, have the opportunity to choose to come back to the heart for re-centering and balancing as we move forward!

By going within our hearts, we can enhance our alignments to Spirit as well as the essence of who we truly are! And by living from our hearts, we in turn are aligned and in the flow of the energy in a balanced way!

Wow, what a beautiful reminder of our own power!

silhouette photo of man doing heart sign during golden hour

Mindful Practices

There are several easy and simple ways that we can tune into our hearts. For me, the key is to immerse myself in the energies of gratitude, joy and love. 

I often practice coming back to my heart through a handful of simple activities I can participate in according to my inner wisdom.

These joy-filled activities include: 

  • Deep Breathing
  • Grounding Meditation
  • Visualization of my heart
  • Listening (and singing along) to uplifting music
  • Dancing like no-one is watching
  • Demonstrating the creative arts (painting, drawing, playing my instruments, crochet, etc) 
  • Practicing Compassionate Action as guided
  • Playing with my dog (animals are excellent teachers for living from our hearts & trusting our instincts)
  • Simply being myself & having fun 

When you’re being yourself, you naturally create a) more confidence and b) trust & love within yourself.

Trusting ourselves and being in the space of love (our natural state of being) also helps you to tune into your heart for centeredness and answers with ease. This in turn helps you to trust the answers you receive from your heart. 

As you strengthen your innate connection with yourself, you also:

  • Enhance your connection with Spirit
  • Honor your innate power
  • Create more beautiful, joyful and loving experiences in your life

What a beautiful gift! I’m so grateful for this awareness, my journey thus far and for this opportunity to connect with you! 

I honor you, dear friend and I’m cheering us on as we continue moving forward in this beautiful dance of life! We’ve got this!

With much love and gratitude… may you have a marvelous day, evening and night!

Until next time dear friends…peace be with you!

Stay Tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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