The Magic of Synchronicity in Nature

The Magic of Synchronicity in Nature


Hi everyone! What a beautiful week it has been! I hope you all enjoyed seeing and experiencing the energy from the Full Super Moon (aka the Buck Moon or… as I recently learned, the Thunder Moon) we had this past week!

full moon on a blue sky

I had the opportunity to see the beautiful moon the night before it was at its peak rather than the night of – a beautiful gift in my opinion.

During the night of the actual Full Moon, we experienced a powerful rainstorm where I live which I felt was a metaphor that was quite illuminating in its own way. 

Where Mother Gaia shined the spotlight on the wisdom and gift of self care – carving out some time to cleanse and take care of yourself. Plus, I felt the powerful rainstorm also mirrored to us the power that each one of us innately have – an awareness I received on the eve of the Full Moon. 

And I just love that! It resonated so greatly with me since we truly are one with her in body and spirit – our bodies are made from the same organic chemicals (carbon) found here on the Earth!

Synchronicity at its Finest

brown gift box

Today I experienced the gift of synchronicity. While waiting for some ordered A/C installation parts to be ready for pick up, I felt inspired to go for a hike on a trail nearby in the Wasatch Mountains (with my fur baby of course). 

It was such a beautiful day for a hike and once I was on the trail that my heart guided me to, I felt that I was embarking on a beautifully profound adventure. 

Before going further on the trail, a memory of having practiced a walking meditation in Sedona came to me. It was a circular path that lead to an adorable alter in the center. In this memory, prior to beginning the walking meditation, it was shared with me that many often would gift a  small item or two to the alter with when they reached the center.

After I had begun the walking meditation and reached the center, I felt guided to present a gift to it as well. However, as I didn’t have an item with me, I instead gave gratitude. At that moment, I felt the impact of it within my heart.

From this memory and intuitive guidance from my heart, I felt the inspiration in my heart to stop for a moment to touch the ground and simply give heartfelt gratitude. Gratitude to the land, to all the life that was present on the land and the opportunity to simply spend time there, be present with the land and honor it as an equal as I walked along the pathway.

A Magical Moment

At that moment, I felt a beautiful shift in the air. With every step I took I could hear and feel the natural rhythm of the forest.

animal biology blue blur

The wind rustling the beautiful leaves… the birds singing… the dashing grasshoppers jumping for joy, the lovely butterflies and dragonflies dancing in the air alongside us.

It was just so amazing and welcoming. There was also a subtle stillness in the area yet, everything was so alive and the atmosphere felt so harmonious. Every form of life present there (plant life, birds & bugs) were in such coherence with each other and every being served an incredibly important purpose.

Everything was simply doing their thing and BE-ing. And I had the incredible opportunity to observe the natural flow there as well as BE a part of it. 

I felt so much honor for it, so much love and so much gratitude. Pure oneness.

The Ripple Effect

water drop

I have a feeling that what I experienced was a gift. Feeling the energy of the forest returning the gesture of giving gratitude that I had given to the land by responding in a beautiful sense of welcoming and honor.

It was so delightful being present there, I almost felt like Snow White with the connection we created! It was beautifully magical!

In the past I’ve gone hiking and explored new areas for the fun of it, yet this time felt so unique and enhanced the hike. I’m so grateful to have connected in this beautiful way. To have listened to my inner guidance that said, “you know what would make this hike an even more rich and delicious experience? To create a beautiful connection to the land? Take a moment and simply give it gratitude”.  

It’s so incredible that just by doing something so simple as giving gratitude while touching the Earth (including hugging trees) can create a powerful impact in the land. A ripple effect of cascading love throughout the area.

I recall last November on Thanksgiving day, where I felt inspired from meditation that I had to take a few crystals of mine (little hematite beads that had broken from a necklace I had previously bought) and gifting it back to Mother Gaia with gratitude. Burying each bead in an area of a trail as according to my inner wisdom.  

pink and white stones

As crystals are also created by the Earth, I feel that this practice is also a beautiful act of love for our dear Mother Earth.

To me, giving something that you love (an item or simply gratitude) back to the Earth as an honoring is incredibly powerful. Creating a beautifully positive impact and blessing to the land.

I’m so grateful to have had this synchronistic experience. To have followed my intuition, for the opportunity to have received an enhanced awareness as well as felt the magical impact of what a simple heartfelt action (great or small) can have in our community. A powerful gift. 

How empowering and incredible it is that we can make a great difference in the world by one small act of kindness and love. I love it!

I’m also beyond grateful to share this with you. You are amazing, so important, and I honor you dearly.

With much gratitude and love, namaste.

Until next time, peace be with you!

Stay Tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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