Mountain Majesty: Profound Sacredness Within

Mountain Majesty: Profound Sacredness Within

Happy Holidays all! My how fast time (and this year) has flown! I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter season thus far and creating some time to ground as well as re-center amidst all the holiday excitement!

It’s certainly been quite the beautiful winter wonderland in the Wasatch Back!

During this winter season, synchronicity has been demonstrated at its finest where I began working at a local ski resort near the town I live in, known as Deer Valley. 

While I’m personally quite a beginner when it comes to the art of downhill skiing, I felt this would be a beautiful opportunity to learn the skill as well as further embrace the winter season by being outside enjoying the glistening snow with the community.

Ever since I began working at the breathtaking ski resort, I’ve been in awe of the gorgeous landscape. Not only is the environment incredibly picturesque, it provides space for those who absolutely love flowing with the season and embracing the crystalline flakes of snow through skiing.

The department I’m working in is stationed in a cozy little nook outside on the bunny hill slopes, giving the nature-lover in me such joy in being amidst our dearest Mother Earth.  

In just the few weeks that we’ve been open for the season, I’ve learned a great deal about skiing through observation and I’ve been re-acquainted with a few simple yet powerful reminders related to adapting to your environment.

Plus, I’ve been gifted with receiving a profound awareness that I’m both excited and honored to share with you.

Learning Something New Every Day

You know the old adage or phrase that goes “you learn something new every day”? Well, it has certainly been proven true in my experience so far on the slopes!

I’ll back up a moment. I work in the conveyors department where we provide assistance and services for the “Ski School” at the resort. This entails helping first-time skiing guests of all ages onto the conveyor belt (aka “Magic Carpet”) to reach the apex of that particular hill as well as ensuring safety while they’re on the belt.

It’s been quite fun learning about this niche through observation, especially watching the adorable kids (and cheering them on)! 

Much of the motions to utilize (like making any kind of turn & leaning forward for balance) while flowing down the hill do seem counter-intuitive at first, they make perfect sense for navigating the environment in the snow. I find it all quite fascinating and look forward to the employee perk of a free ski lesson!

It has also been fun to receive a few powerful and super-duper helpful reminders that have come into my awareness. 

These include the importance of working consciously with your breath (goes a long way to help you stay warm!), the power of being present in the moment as well as honoring the land we share on Mother Earth, especially where the resort was built on.

Every Breath You Take

Our breath and how we work with it is incredibly powerful. I find it so interesting that since breathing is something so innate and natural to us, most often don’t realize what a helpful tool deep breathing can be for us – especially while being outside in the cold.

At an anatomical level, when we breathe, we naturally expand the organs housed in our upper chest and abdomen. 

As we take slow deep breaths, our diaphragm expands to make room for our lungs to fill with oxygen in our thoracic area (chests).

The incoming oxygen flows in through… 

  • The nose or mouth into the trachea
  • Into our lungs filling our bronchi, bronchioles, alveloi and capillaries
  • Is carried into the bloodstream 
  • Cycles through the heart and circulatory system throughout our bodies

And the process continues with every breath cycle you take (cue the infamous song, Every Breath You Take by The Police haha!).

So as we consciously breathe deeply and slowly (directing our attention to our breath) the less cold you feel or notice from the outside environment and the more warmth you become aware of and feel within your body. 

Plus, this practice also helps re-center and ground you as you focus on the rhythm of your breath in the present moment.

The Gift of the Present Moment 

As one of my favorite sayings goes, “a wise turtle once said: yesterday was history and tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift and that’s why it’s called, present.”

I absolutely love this quote! So Simple, yet profound! 

While we may often get caught up in a habitual pattern of reflecting about the past as well as thinking ahead about the future, we can always return our focus to the present.

This is certainly a continuous practice for me as well. From my own experience, I can attest that being in the present is powerful. Dare I say, magical (why yes, I do!). Plus, time simply flies on by!

If your mind happens to wander, bringing your attention to your breath while you take a few deep breath cycles… magic absolutely happens.

Each moment of every day we are taking cycles of breath, therefore focusing on your breathing helps bring your awareness back to the present moment in a cinch!

Taking a few deep breaths instantly…

  • Calms the circulatory, nervous, & respiratory systems (and then some!)
  • Clears the mind
  • Helps you re-center, redirect and refocus your attention to the now moment
  • Clears the pathway for consciously co-creating with the Law of Attraction (attracting what you want into your life)

Plus, it’s in the “now moment” where we are continuously creating what we experience next. In the physical, each moment is a “now moment” and what a gift it is that we have so many of them! 

We have so many opportunities to practice creating our experience with intention and become even better at doing so! 

This being said, I certainly understand that in our lives we may need to plan ahead (especially if we’re planning vacations, budgeting, practicing daily routines, etc.) as well as reflect on the past while giving gratitude and/or receiving healing (practicing shadow work, EFT Tapping, energy healing, and more).

However, after planning ahead or reflecting on our past experience, bringing our attention back to the now works wonders. 

For instance, when we place our intention on the outcome we’re striving for, then bring your attention back to the now while still feeling gratitude for the desired outcome as though it has already happened greatly enhances the creative process.

This practice of being in the present moment has been essentially helpful for me in so many ways while I’ve been working at the resort outside on the bunny hill. It has helped my awareness in both what’s physically occurring around me as well as in sensing what’s going on energetically in the area.

Magic Mountain Majesty

From the first moment I set foot in the valley at the resort, I innately felt how special this land is. As I explored my work area on orientation day, I must say that I truly felt the magic, sacredness, and profound energy that has been stored within this beautiful mountainous region. 

On my first official day of sharing space on the mountain, I instinctively gave gratitude in the early morning to the ancient ancestors (and Mother Gaia herself) who once shared space and protected this land in the physical. 

I felt their presence and can still feel how special and how much this land means to them every time I’m there. 

From what I’ve picked up on from the energy of this land, this whole valley nook and the little slope where we’re stationed on, is simply the tip of the iceberg. 

Quite a bit further into the mountain and past the common ski areas, powerful energy resides. Deeply stored in that space is a crystalline energy designated as a communication station for the indigenous people who once lived there.

This communication center was placed into the mountain as a gift by the Arcturian beings (star-people, as referred to them by the indigenous) for the indigenous culture to be able to contact them or their fellow star brothers (the Sirian beings) if they needed help or assistance at the time. 

From what I’ve picked up on, the tribe was asked by these benevolent Star beings to keep that particular area safe which they gladly had while they lived there on the mountain.

The indigenous tribe innately knew just how important of a gift this was, especially during the time period that it was placed. 

Since then, the tribe had protected the land at all costs and during many battles that occurred on the slopes where practicing beginners ski on to this day. 

I’ve learned through my intuitive awareness that battles were often held in this particular area because the indigenous wanted to keep whoever was attempting to encroach on the land as far away from the sacred communication center as possible. 

Many of the tribal members had sacrificed their lives in honor for what they deeply felt was essentially the greater good for their Earth Mother and the bigger part of life as a whole. 

To this day, their energy has remained in this area where they are still doing their best to protect the sacred land as promised. 

I must say that I find it so incredible and amazing that my initial instinct upon walking out on the slope was to extend gratitude to the land as well as the ancestors. This was prior to receiving any downloaded understanding of the reason behind it. 

I feel this re-frame really inspires you to have more respect for these areas on our Earth.

On the surface they simply seem like beautiful areas to explore (and they certainly are), yet there is often so much more to them than what initially meets the eye.

I feel that for me this is another validation that the practice that I began this past summer of giving gratitude (and extending honor) to the land prior to embarking on a hike actually goes a long way. Creating a ripple effect in connecting to the land and the energy there in a respectful and incredibly beautiful way. 

In addition, giving gratitude to any land on Earth, especially this land at the resort, as well as the ancestors who were once residing there in the physical, sends a message of respect and honor to the land, its sacredness, intention and purpose that it holds. 

Plus, it also provides a blessing to the land as well! What a beautiful new way to further strengthen the oneness that we all share on a deeply profound level!

I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many beautiful souls enjoying being out on the slopes and to share space on this land! 

I feel honored to have received this information and to share it with you all now. I have a feeling that this is a message the indigenous have wanted the community to be aware of for quite some time.

I look forward to sharing even more profound messages and understandings as we move forward in this new year!

Thank you so much for your time, energy and presence. I’m honored to share space with you all in this now and I’m excited to continue sharing space during our many adventures this year and beyond!

Until next time, dear friends, peace be with you.

Stay Tuned for more from The Empowered Hearth…

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