What’s This All About?

What’s This All About?

Welcome to the magical world of The Empowered Hearth!

Here we imagine.. we dream.. and we explore our creativity to our hearts content!

We journey along in this beautiful dance of life as we find and experience balance, empowerment, peace, as well as love within!

My name is Sarah Celeste Terra and I’m a free spirited individual – what my dear friends call a modern hippie – who loves to share with the community! I’m certified as a Reiki Master, certified as a Sound Healer, licensed as a Registered Nurse, and a connoisseur of creativity!

In addition, I must add that I’m an honored pet parent to the sweetest Special Needs deaf lab/blue heeler mix doggo that I have both trained and continue to learn from!

I have created this blog as a space to share with you, my dear friends, about empowering life experiences, simple ways to improve health, wellness, through a spiritual lens!

Towards the completion of nursing school and embarking on a career in healthcare as a Registered Nurse, I followed my inner guidance and had this beautiful experience when I traveled to the country of Colombia. This kick-started my own spiritual journey of self-discovery at soul level. 

Every moment since has been a beautiful path of self-discovery, self-love, and being true to myself by dancing to the beat of my own drum! 

This includes my most recent life transitions.

A Leap of Faith

I took a leap of faith and moved from the area in the city that I was born and raised in to the beautiful countryside. This act was inspired by an interview I had watched regarding world renowned Geologist, Author, and Motivational Speaker, Gregg Braden

At a certain time in his life, Greg made a choice to move from living in the city that was surrounded by conveniences to living in an area that is surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

This resonated with me so deeply that I began to consider doing this myself! Six months later, I sold my existing house in the city and bought a house in the country! I moved both myself and fur baby to a small town in the beautiful Wasatch Back mountains where I feel incredibly closer to Mother Earth! 

I’m so grateful that I took this leap of faith and followed my heart!

Following My Heart

I followed my heart and expanded my horizons! I resigned from working and serving the community in the healthcare industry where I had worked for the past decade. I now do what makes my heart sing and dance which includes honoring nature by tending to plants, writing and so much more to connect with and help serve the community!



I’m excited as well as honored to share and continue to create within this beautiful journey of life with you all!

May you find comfort, feel empowered, good vibes, inspiration, love, and peace while here with me!


Thank you and peace be with you! 

Sarah Celeste Terra


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