At The Heart of Valentine’s Day: All You Need Is Love

At The Heart of Valentine’s Day: All You Need Is Love

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for connection! I’ve felt the connecting power of love and all of its forms in the air throughout what those have called love month! I absolutely adore this phrase and have decided to utilize it into my own referencing for February! 

Plus, I feel that it expands the honoring of Valentine’s Day into honoring the loving energy of the month as well!

Love has been a conscious awareness in our society for eons. With countless works of art including poems, films as well as songs, there are always beautiful ways and languages we can connect through love!

One of my favorite quotes and movie lines is from the film, The Shape of Water (2017), spoken by the character Giles as a voice-over highlighting the expression of love which is as follows:

“Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with your love. It humbles my heart, for you are everywhere.”


What I love about this quote is the director’s expressed meaning behind it. Love can take many shapes and forms just as water can take the shape of any container it fills.

This is a time we, as a collective, can set aside to dedicate filling our hearts with love and celebrating with those around us! What a beautiful and magical concept!  

I recall celebrating Valentine’s Day in Elementary School as a child where we all brought candy, yummy goodies, and decorative cards to share with the entire class during the celebration. 

Ah… good times! Appreciation, gratitude, joy, and love was in the air!

This memory inspired me to take a deeper dive into the energy of the day itself through the lens of astro-numerology, a meditative technique connecting heart & brain into coherence, and the exploration of the power of self-love. 

Valentine’s Day Astro-Numerology

The day’s vibration of February 14, 2022 (2/14/2022) adds up to the number thirteen – a beautiful sacred number that over time has been given a negative reputation. Taking a step further, we can add both numbers within the number thirteen (1 & 3) which equals the number 4. 

The energy of the number four is very grounded – resonating with and representing the Earth. As there are four main directions (N,E,S,W) as found on a compass, this number can communicate to you about:

  • The direction you’re heading 
  • Helping you see clearly the direction that’s best for you to be heading
  • Guides & encourages you towards the pathway for your highest good

What I find fascinating is that Valentine’s Day is on a day in February which is in Western Astrology’s Aquarius season of the zodiac.

Aquarius, the water bearer, is an air sign. One of its many qualities is highlighting the energy of love within the community as well as the collective. Helping us feel the love and support within the community as well as leading into the feeling of oneness that we all are! 

Also, during this year’s Valentine’s Day, we are in the energy of the full moon which is in the fiery sign of Leo. A sign that, among many things, illuminates the passionate energy of creativity, communication, romance, and love between partners.

So with each of these energies present, we have the opportunity to feel and experience honoring love in its many forms! Everywhere from friendship to romantic love. Plus, extending the appreciation, gratitude, and love that we feel in our hearts inward towards ourselves! 

One of the many ways to help us go inward is through meditation practice. Helping us to connect with our heart even more fully which can open the door to so many things! 

Connecting our Hearts and Minds through Meditation

A way to bring us closer to our hearts and our true essence is through meditation. I have learned a quick and easy meditative technique presented by scientist, Gregg Braden, that often helps me feel more centered and relaxed when needed.

This is a technique referred to as heart-brain coherence

How to connect with your heart space:

  1. Close your eyes (bringing your attention from your outer-world to your inner-world)
  2. Place a hand over your heart (this brings your awareness and your mind’s attention towards your heart)
  3. Breathe in slowly and steadily through your nose for a count of 5
  4. Breathe out steadily and even more slowly for a count of 8 (no matter how many counts inward or outward, the intention here is to make the exhale longer than the inhale)
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for a full minute or longer

This exercise helps send the following message of “I am safe” to your brain.

It also helps bring both your heart and brain into coherence – optimizing your connection and function between both your heart and brain. 

In this space of coherence, you are able to receive your inner guidance, inspiration as well as intuition with more clarity and ease. Feeling relaxed, you are also able to receive the feelings of joy and peace easily. 

Practicing this technique once (or even several times) per day can go a long way towards helping decrease your stress levels and create a life that feels good. Filled with more joy, love, and peace. 

A life that many people would love (no pun intended!) to experience. 

And guess, what… it is possible for you to experience these positive feelings and states of being in your life too! Every little bit can help create it! 

I invite you to take the first step and give this meditative tool a try as it’s also an act of love for yourself! 

The Power of Self-Love

Opening the door to taking care of and loving ourselves may seem like a challenge at first, but it’s so well worth it! And there are so many ways we can provide ourselves with TLC! 

For instance, treating ourselves to a spa day, a fun movie to watch, music to enjoy, connecting in nature, connecting with your inner child, yoga exercise, a meditation, positive affirmations, mirror work, or simply anything that brings you joy! 

Even simply being yourself is a huge act of self-love!

Plus, when we provide ourselves with TLC, we open the door to feeling the love and support we have for ourselves as well as from our spirit guides that are always near – waiting for a simple ask to show us they are there! 

Taking the time to love and honor yourself love as you are, without any conditions, is so empowering!  In an energetic perspective, when you love yourself for you and do what makes your heart sing and dance with joy, that energy and vibration of love is created in your energy field (or aura). 

The more you love yourself and carry this energy in your auric field, the more you attract other people into your life that vibe well with you! Be it friends, acquaintances, soul family, a significant other.. you name it! 

It invites those that resonate with the frequency of love and joy into your world! You can create a more magical and beautiful life for yourself if you choose just by simply loving yourself for you!

A beautiful tool that I highly recommend to utilize for getting started on this path is what’s called, Mirror-Work. Where you look into your eyes in a mirror while saying positive and loving affirmations out loud to yourself – including, “I love you”.

I realize some may not be ready to do this exercise and feel it may be hard to do. And believe me, I was in those shoes and I completely understand. 

I was in a space where I practiced mirror-work, just saying the words without believing in them, until the moment where I literally saw with my own eyes the shift in the negative belief I had towards myself. 

I started believing the positive aspects that I was affirming to myself!

If you practice this and really give it your all… you’ll see that you will begin to believe in what you’re saying to yourself! It’s so healing and an incredibly magical experience! 

Dearest friends, I have so much gratitude, honor and love for you all! I see you as the amazing beings of light that you are! Where ever you may be, I support you and I’m cheering you on!

May you experience the most loving and magical day!

Until next time..from my heart to yours I bid you adieu.


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