Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 12

Yoga Challenge for Magical Mornings: Day 12

I felt it in the air this morning! That magical time of year when we see the beautiful transition from summer to autumn in the Northern hemisphere.

Where the radiant trees with their crisp leaves transform as each leaf takes a bow and gently floats on down to the Earth. The trees gently release what no longer serves them in preparation for the new season. 

A beautiful metaphor for us all. 

A time to get ready for the ever-changing cycles of our lives. Going with the flow of energy as the Earth gently takes a step back from the sun through its tilt – letting the cooler air sweep in.

Preparing for a time that supports rest and going within our hearts. Creating the excitement and magic of the next season to come.

Inspired by the natural changes in the air, I chose to get into the new groove on my mat by giving some love to my neck, shoulders, and upper back. All of which are involved in communicating to us how we feel about change.

While change can often be a challenge to get used to, we can choose to flow into the new rhythms with ease and grace.

In the cross-legged seat of sukhasana, I sat up nice and tall, took a deep breath in, and relaxed my shoulders with my exhale. Closing my eyes, I focused on the natural ebb and flow of my next breath cycle.  

Batting the eyelashes open, I gently guided my fingers to rest on my shoulders. With my inhale, I reached my elbows forward to meet together as they continued to reach toward the sky- stretching through the side body.

Continuing with the journey by carving a line with my elbows all the way back, I opened the pectoral muscles and mindfully brought them all the way back down with the help of gravity.

Gently nodding the head in both a “yes” and “no” fashion, I received a nice stretch in the neck. I repeated the cycle of carving a line with my elbows with more fluidity twice more.

With my heart lifted and shoulders reaching together, I brought my fingertips to touch the Earth. Inhaling lots of love in and on an exhale, I reached my right ear to right shoulder.

Back to center I went and gave some love to my other side – ensuring the engagement of my upper back body. At center, bringing the palms together… I floated them all the way up and behind the head. Lifting the upper back body with an inhale – shoulders nice and wide. 

On my exhale, gently bringing chin-to-chest as I reached my elbows to kiss together. After a few yummy cycles of breath, I lifted the my chest to gently open and blossom – my heart lifted and arms radiating out to float back to the Earth.

Tilting my head to my left shoulder, inhaling in and reaching my shoulder blades together on an exhale. With my next inhale, gently lifting my right arm off the Earth and flexing my fingertips toward the sky- pressing my right hand into an imaginary wall.

Such a good stretch for the connecting neck and shoulders! 

And as I gave some love for one side, I also gave for the other continuing to maintain balance within.

I released my arms and on my next breath in, I looped my shoulders to my ears and let them gently coast around and back. Repeating this motion twice more with the rhythm of my breath. 

Feeling good, I drew baby circles with my nose – gently spiraling out with expansion. Then reversing the cycle to make my way back to the fun sized circles and finding stillness. Giving a nice wash for my neck, head, and shoulders.

Back in center, I took it forward onto all fours.

After making my way to table top, I invited lots of love in and sent lots of love out. On my next inhale I spiraled my heart open, reaching my right arm towards the sky. On an exhale, I threaded the needle with my right arm under the bridge of my left.

Here, I rested my right ear on the Earth for a cycle of breath. Giving a yummy stretch to the upper back body.

After giving love to my other side, I made my way to a comfortable seat, and brought my palms together at the heart. Bowing head to heart and kissing my thumbs to the third eye.

I took one final belly breath in filled with lots of love.

Once I finished with my practice this morning, I was inspired to go out on a walk with Stella. On our walk, I was guided to take a certain route by my inner guidance where we received a beautiful gift. We happened to walk by the house of a distant neighbor and discovered a herd of deer enjoying their breakfast. 

Taking the time to be present and enjoy the moment, I couldn’t help but smile. To me, seeing the deer was a reminder from the universe to be gentle with myself.

Being gentle with ourselves no matter what we are experiencing in our daily routines or in the transitions of the naturally evolving cycles of life is so vital. 

I feel that gentleness is such an important way to provide ourselves with compassion, love, and support. I’m so grateful for this gentle reminder this morning.

Until next time dear friends, peace be with you.

From my heart to yours…namaste

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